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One Simple Shift that will Transform Your Network Marketing Business

This ONE Shift Can Transform Your Business.

If you’re like me, you remember the exact day you joined your Network Marketing company. Most likely you were  SUPER excited, nervous, scared, and convinced you would be successful.  You got started right away, the only way your upline taught, by shouting your new adventure and every single little detail from the mountain tops, facebook, phone calls, mass text, and mass emails!  

For the most part,  most network marketers start out this way, but in just a second I’m going to share why you should keep the name of your company and every single little detail to yourself!  That’s right, your new adventure should remain a SECRET and in the training video below, I’ll tell you why! 


After watching the training video below, you’ll walk away with

  • Why you should NEVER talk about your network marketing company on Social Media… and a much more powerful strategy you can use instead

  • 3 Simple Action Steps you can implement TODAY that will skyrocket your success

  • FREE access to my 10-Day online recruiting bootcamp

Your business will thank you later for taking the time to watch this!

How You Can Make the Shift Too


Are You Ready to Brand Yourself? 

Well, what do you think? Have you considered YOUR  influence in your business.  YOU are your business, not your company, not your products. When you are able to embrace that, you are bound for success. Branding YOU is the best step you can take to creating a business that will follow you where ever you go!

At first, it was hard for me to realize that people were joining my business because they KLT me (Know, Like, Trust), but they were. You may feel the same way.  In the end,  prospects based their decision on how I made them feel, so the more people I could get to authentically know, like & trust, the more my business grew. I had to learn to just be myself…online. 

The  Attraction Marketing Formula was able to outline exactly what I needed to do online. I was so excited when I found it! I got to work immediately with the strategies I talked about in the video training. 

3-Simple Strategies to Get Started TODAY

Let’s recap the 3 Simple Strategies you can implement today to start branding yourself on your Facebook Fan Page. 

First, Ask yourself this question, What is your passion? 

 It doesn’t have to have anything to do with your company or products. When I started in my company I knew nothing about my products and I had never even used anything like them. It definitely was not a passion, it became one.

What I’m asking, is what is YOUR INDIVIDUAL passion right now…teaching, health, wellness, fitness, coaching, giving moms advice, social media, marketing, children. Anything goes.

Did you pick one,  great…consider yourself and expert on the topic as of NOW.  You are going to be sharing your passion with people ONLINE.  My passion was business and helping women start small businesses.  I enjoyed giving advice and watching others succeed, and it’s the reason I’m here sharing tips with you

Second, What can you offer others based on your passion: If you love cooking, can you share recipes, how to tips, share interesting ingredients. If you love photography can you offer novices some advice on getting started or maybe the best camera to buy, the best lighting tips etc. 

What can you offer your network that will give them value and make them view you as an expert on the topic?

You won’t start out feeling like an expert, but you will eventually become one if you claim it in the beginning.

Eventually, after people know you, like you, and trust you, (because 

you have given them value, formed a relationship, and actually, have something in common) you’ll be able to have a candid conversation about your business or products.

At this time, they most likely will be listening instead of ignoring… because the relationship is formed! Network marketing is all about building relationships.  

Third How can you deliver this offer, value, or advice of yours?  

My best advice is online! Social media has made it easier to get to know people through several channels: Facebook , Facebook live, Instagram, You Tube videos, Linked In, Snap Chat….etc. 

All of these tools are a great way to share your knowledge, offers, advice with others. PICK ONE and FOCUS ON ONE! Don’t get caught up in doing too much, too fast!

Become an expert at offering your passion through ONE channel before you move to the next.  If you need a step by step plan to building your brand online, my suggestion would be to start with the “attraction Marketing formula” I’ll leave the link below.

Now that you have the 3 Simple Steps, it’s time to take action! Are you ready to start branding yourself and having massive recruiting results?

As promised, here is access to my 10-day Free Online Recruiting Bootcamp.  It will help you take personal branding even further!

Make sure you connect with me over on my facebook page!



P.S. If you don’t have a step-by-step blueprint for online success, check this out (unless you already have too many leads for your business)! 



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