The Type of List Every Network Marketer Should be Building… (It’s Not What You Think) – Whitney Coley

The Type of List Every Network Marketer Should be Building… (It’s Not What You Think)

Every network marketer needs a list of ______. You fill in the blank!

Did  you guess NAMES?

Maybe, names of people you know, or names of people who could use your opportunity, or even better names of people who are freaking rock-stars at building businesses?

Nope, none of those (although you do need them).

In my live video below, I explain what type of LIST your really need to be growing as a network marketer.

Especially… if you want to grow your business online! Click Play to Watch below

An EMAIL List is a Game-Changer in Network Marketing

and every network marketer needs one.

Here’s why:

1. You Can Build More Authentic & Intimate Relationships: Email is a great way to build those relationships, besides social media.  There are several reasons, and I’ll get to those in a second, but email is personal and you can customize each message to that person. You can segment emails out by customer interest and market only what interests them! Nothing more, nothing less.  This helps build the Know, Like, Trust Factor.

2. Your REACH is FAR GREATER with EMAIL:  Did you know you only reach about 1%-2% of your Facebook Fans or potential customers? Email has a much greater reach at typically around 75% delivery.  Now, whether they open the email or not is a topic for another day. BUT at least they see the message! Plus the message sticks around in the customers email inbox until they are ready to open it AND it’s searchable! You never know when they might take action, reply, or buy!

3. Your LIST is ALWAYS YOURS: You control your email list and you are not at the mercy of a Social Media Platform.  Imagine if Facebook Messenger shut down and that was your sole means of communication wth customers? You’d really be in a pickle.  With email, you control the list, and you get to keep the email addresses you earn!

Did you hear that? You have to EARN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES….

But how?

Emails are such a hot comodity that there is a right and a wrong way to obtain addresses.

To earn an email address you must exchange something of value for it. Maybe you could send the a product coupon or free training in exchange for the email address.  NEVER,  do you go around asking friends or others  leaders of influence for their “email list”.  That is the BIGGEST NO-NO EVER!  Your peers have worked hard to gain the trust factor of those individuals and you must too!

So, go get to work! What do you have that you can offer a customer in exchange for their email? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Also, if you want to start building your email list and you need a place to store them, I highly recommend a contact management system. My personal favorite is ConvertKit. You can check it out here. To me, it’s super simple to use and I have tried out several!

If you have additional question, don’t hesitate to reach-out to me on my Facebook Page. I’d love to know if you are inspired to start your email list TODAY!



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Wife and mom of 2 littles, who teaches old school network marketers & entrepreneurs how to take their offline businesses online.

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